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projects2: general_index

Page history last edited by Mark Gaipa 13 years, 4 months ago

General classroom & research projects using MJP resources


This section is a storehouse of research ideas for working with modern magazines. Whereas the previous section on "lesson plans and talking points" seeks to offer teachers ideas for structuring a presentation, lecture or class on different topics, the materials here are geared to specific projects that both scholars and students might undertake, perhaps as exercises and assignments, as term papers, or even as major research ventures. We’ve tried to foreground the MJP archive in these pages, but you’ll see that we’ve also included project ideas about other journals and print media from the 20th century. Some of the project ideas are in the form of fully fleshed-out (and classroom-tested) exercises and assignments; others are mere stubs of ideas that will need some developing by teachers and scholars. If you happen to flesh out one of these project ideas in your class or research, let us know how it turns out—and send us what you've created (if it's not too big), since we’d love to post it here. (You may also want to post your ideas yourself by signing up to write comments on the wiki.)


The parenthetical numbers after each listing below indicate how many project ideas we've currently assembled on that topic.


1. Projects involving different kinds of things 



2. Projects defined by activity or skill-set


  1. Surveying, describing, reporting
  2. Comparative studies #1: involving authors  (involving the author/text tool)
  3. Comparative studies #2: involving topics
  4. Testing a claim
  5. Inferring context #1: involving the topics tool?
  6. Inferring context #2: text in context
  7. History 1: latitudinal (or synchronic) projects
  8. History 2: longitudinal (or diachronic) projects
  9. Understanding controversies and debates: involving the debates tool?
  10. Group work


3. Projects involving various MJP teaching tools



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