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Page history last edited by Mark Gaipa 13 years, 6 months ago

Notable Authors and Texts in the MJP Periodicals


The point of this tool is to give you some idea of how (and where) the MJP journal archives intersect with the way modern literature is regarded, valued, and taught today. All of the authors listed in this index have had writing published in MJP journals; but they were selected to appear in this list because their work has also appeared in one or more of the recent anthologies that we've surveyed (see list), or because their literary career is now considered important enough to warrant inclusion in the Dictionary of Literary Biography (see list), or because they figure in other ways today as notable representatives of late 19th and early 20th century culture. 


We hope this index calls your attention to journal contributors that you may have overlooked in your search of the MJP database. We also hope it helps you locate the original published versions of texts that have subsequently been anthologized (often in significantly different form). One way we hope you don't use it, though, is to sidestep the magazines in which these authors' works first appeared—that would effectively reduce the MJP archive to the very anthologies that we would like to supplement and enrich. Nor do we want to suggest that the only MJP authors worthy of your attention are those that appear on this list. For some  teaching ideas involving this tool, click here.


Here's how the index works:

  • The alphabet below is linked to 26 separate alphabetized pages of MJP authors and their texts.
  • On the alphabetized index pages, you'll see that nearly every author's name is followed by a series of abbreviations; these refer (first) to the anthologies that have republished work by that author, and (last) to a volume of the Dictionary of Literary Biography that has an entry for the author. You can retrieve the full titles of these texts by clicking on the abbreviations or by following the links to "Anthologies surveyed" and "Volumes of the Dictionary of Literary Biography surveyed" at the bottom of each page.
  • You'll also find specific works listed under some of the authors' names; these are texts from the MJP database that appear in one or more of the surveyed anthologies (which are again listed after the text) or that are still popular today. You can click on the magazine link to retrieve the issue of the MJP journal that includes that text. If no works are listed under the author’s name, that means we have not found any of the author’s MJP writings in any of the anthologies we’ve surveyed.
  • When an author's name is highlighted (in blue) with a link, that means we've created a separate teaching and research page for him/her: click on the link to get to it. All sorts of information about the MJP's holdings for that author can be added there.



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Caveat: We've tried to be careful when amassing this information, but we know there are many mistakes in this list, as well as many omissions.  Please join us in making the list better—either by sending your corrections and suggestions to the MJP project manager or by writing for permission to edit the text yourself at the MJP wiki.

Anthologies surveyed

Volumes of the Dictionary of Literary Biography surveyed



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