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contextual tools index

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Contextual Tools


The common aim of the tools in this section is to foreground the multiple contexts important to early 20th century culture. By mapping out clusters of keyterms associated with different discourses and fields of knowledge, and by identifying key literary figures and events from the period, these tools will hopefully help you conduct more meaningful searches of the MJP database and navigate more readily its vast storehouse of information. The contextual tools will also point out how modernism intersects with the MJP archive, as the indexes move from a general set of modernist concerns (like key ideas, persons, and keyterms) to the specific appearance of those concerns in MJP texts.


Notable Authors and Texts in MJP Periodicals

  • An index of authors and texts in the MJP archives that appear in contemporary anthologies and other literary reference works.
  • For teaching ideas using the Author and Text tool, click here.


Individual Author Pages

  • Various information about the authors and texts that appear in MJP periodicals.


Modernist Topics and Keywords

  • An index of ideas, persons, movements, and events that are commonly mentioned in accounts of the modernist period.


Individual Topic Pages

  • Various information about specific social and literary topics important to modernism.


Debates and Controversies

  • A sampling of the controversies that shaped modernist art and literature. 


Periodicals in Literature

  • An annotated list of novels, stories, and other literary forms in which magazines make an appearance.


Serialized Novels in the MJP Archives

  • A detailed list of novels and fiction that were serialized in MJP journals

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